How to Install American Standard Kitchen Faucets

Installing an American Standard kitchen faucet is a task that most homeowners can do with a few simple tools. The installation process is straightforward and should not take more than an hour to complete. Before starting, make sure you have all the necessary parts and tools to make the installation a success. This article will provide detailed instructions on how to install an American Standard kitchen faucet.

First, turn off the water supply to the sink. This can be done by turning off the valves under the sink. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can consult the installation guide that came with the faucet. After the water supply is turned off, disconnect the water supply lines from the faucet.

Next, remove the old faucet from the sink. This is done by unscrewing the nuts from the bottom of the faucet. Once the nuts are removed, the faucet can be lifted off the sink. If the faucet is not equipped with a mounting plate, it may need to be removed from the countertop before the new faucet is installed.

Now, the installation of the new American Standard kitchen faucet can begin. Start by attaching the mounting plate, if it is needed, to the sink. Next, place the new faucet into the sink, making sure that the gasket is in place. Attach the nuts to the bottom of the faucet and tighten them securely. Make sure the faucet is securely in place before proceeding.

After the faucet is installed, connect the water supply lines to the faucet. Attach one line to the cold water inlet and the other to the hot water inlet. Be sure to use the appropriate washers and nuts to ensure a tight connection. Once the lines are connected, turn the water supply back on and test the faucet to ensure it is working properly.

Finally, the installation of the American Standard kitchen faucet is complete. Before using the faucet, make sure all the connections are tight and secure. With careful installation and maintenance, your American Standard kitchen faucet will provide you with years of reliable performance. Following these instructions for installation will ensure your faucet is working safely and properly.


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