Create a Timeless Look with Shaker Kitchen Ideas

Shaker style kitchen ideas are a great way to add a timeless and classic look to your kitchen. With its smooth lines, simple detailing, and clean, uncluttered look, it’s no wonder that shaker style kitchens have been a popular choice for generations. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern take on the style, or a traditional, farmhouse look, there is a shaker style kitchen to fit your needs. From custom cabinetry to simple accents, here are some ideas to help you get started.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate shaker style into your kitchen is with custom cabinetry. You can choose from a wide range of materials and finishes, including wood, laminate, and stainless steel. Custom cabinetry allows you to create a look that is unique to your space and that fits in with your overall design aesthetic. Plus, you can play around with different door styles and finishes to create the perfect look for your kitchen.

Another great way to add shaker style to your kitchen is with simple accents. From drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to backsplashes and countertops, adding a shaker style accent to any area of your kitchen can instantly bring the look together. Consider adding simple, white cabinets with a shaker style door or a shaker style countertop for a timeless, classic look.

If you love the look of shaker style, but want to keep it subtle, consider adding shaker style accessories. From cupboard handles to kitchen islands, adding these touches can add an interesting texture to your kitchen without overwhelming the space. For a more subtle look, try painting the walls a subtle blue or green to give the space an added touch of shaker style.

Finally, don’t forget about the flooring. Shaker style flooring can be a great way to complete the look. Whether you choose wood or tile, shaker style flooring can give your kitchen a timeless look. If you opt for wood flooring, choose a light stain to keep the shaker style look from becoming too dark.

Whether you’re looking for a modern take on shaker style or a traditional farmhouse look, shaker style kitchen ideas can help you create the perfect look for your space. With custom cabinetry, simple accents, and shaker style flooring, you can create a timeless kitchen that will last for years.


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